Smart Grid Library Consulting Services Utilities The utility ecosystem is undergoing rapid changes due to new technologies, new policies, and new entrants transforming traditional supply chains into consumer-centric value chains. But transformation is more than simply deploying new technologies or services. Fundamental changes need to be implemented within company operations and processes to manage the growing complexity of consumer interactions and consumer value calculations.   Our Consumer Focus Strategy helps utilities successfully deploy new consumer-centric and omni-channel operations to support new services and programs.  We help you build and maintain trusted advisor relationships with consumers.  We create opportunities for utilities to build consumer value, improve revenues, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce operational costs.
“I encourage any utility with advanced technology or service acquisitions in their future to include SGL Partners as part of your team to help you save time and money, and reach decisions faster.”  

General Manager, California Municipal Utility

  • Consumer-centric opportunity analyses
  • Stakeholder requirements
  • Rate and Regulatory planning
  • Business case and plan development
  • Collaborative ratemaking
  • Capital requirements
  • Performance benchmarks
  • Data privacy audits
  • Omni-channel consumer contact models
  • Budget plans
  • Procurement plans
  • RFP preparation
  • Technology plans and acquisitions
  • Contract negotiations
  • Change management plans
  • Deployment plans/rollouts
  • Risk management plans
  • Data privacy risk and mitigation strategies
  • Omni-channel communications
    • Phone
    • Self-service
    • Email
    • Social networks
  •  Contact center operations applications
    • Analytics
    • Workforce management
    • Quality Monitoring
    • CRM

Consumer Focus Strategy

Click on this video to learn more about our Consumer Focus Strategy for utilities.



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Managing Utility Technology and Service Acquisitions in the Smart Grid Age

SGL Partners has a proven methodology to help utilities future-proof their technology and services decisions and acquisitions. We help utilities gather and validate requirements; develop comprehensive and vendor-agnostic RFPs; and conduct rigorous, quantifiable evaluation processes that result in consensus-based decisions. Please contact us and include your

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