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 Smart Grid Library Blue Fiber Optic 
“I encourage any utility with advanced technology or service acquisitions in their future to include Christine
as part of your team to help you save time and money, and reach decisions faster.”

General Manager, California Municipal Utility

SGL Partners offers a range of focused services and deliverables that include strategic insights, tactical project and change management roadmaps, and specialized information to help clients achieve maximum success in their Smart Grid initiatives.

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For Utilities

New Smart Grid technologies like smart meters and new programs like Time of Use (TOU) pricing or residential Demand Response (DR) have impacts on utility consumer segments.  Our proven Consumer Focus Strategy helps utilities mitigate Smart Grid initiative risks and successfully deploy new consumer-impacting programs and technologies.  We work with utilities to develop and maintain trusted advisor relationships with consumers.  We create opportunities for utilities to build consumer value and leverage those results to improve revenues as well as grid reliability.  If your contact center is challenged to support Smart Grid initiatives, talk to us.  If you need expert assistance to develop customer programs that leverage new Smart Grid technologies or services, contact us.

Services Summary

Strategic Assessment Services

  • Consumer care strategy assessments and opportunity analyses
  • Industry trends
  • Stakeholder requirements
  • Rate and Regulatory planning
  • Business case and plan development
  • Collaborative ratemaking
  • Capital requirements
  • Benchmarking 

Smart Grid Library NetworkContact Center
Development Services

  • Consumer contact models
  • Budget planning
  • Procurement planning
  • RFP preparation
  • Technology planning and acquisitions
  • Contract negotiations
  • Change management planning
  • Deployment planning/rollout
  • Risk Management


Technology Assessment Services

  • Voice communications
  • IVR
  • Contact center operations
  • Workforce management
  • Email
  • Social media
  • CRM

For Smart Grid Vendors

Building market share in the dynamic Smart Grid ecosystem is challenging for startups and established companies.  Rapid growth can also strain existing business development and marketing resources, but company budgets don’t always allow for additional headcount.  Our experienced consulting resources can supplement your efforts as well as sharpen and enhance your business focus and go-to-market strategies.

Services Summary 

Strategic Advisory Services

  • Market assessments and opportunity analyses
  • Legislative and regulatory analysis
  • Partner requirements
  • Value proposition definitions
  • Market entry strategies
  • Fund raising strategies (startups)
  • Thought leadership


Corporate Development Services

  • Business case development
  • Business planning
  • Competitive assessments
  • Risk mitigation planning
  • Contract negotiations
  • Deployment planning/rollout


  Market Development Services

  • Competitive ecosystem assessments
  • Product management and launch programs
  • Product marketing roadmaps
  • Branding and evangelism
  • Go-to-Market Strategies
  • Strategic partner development and channel management


Smart Grid Library Blue Fiber Optic

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About our Team

Christine Hertzog

Christine Hertzog


Christine Hertzog is a consultant, author, and a professional explainer focused on Smart Grid technologies, programs, and solutions. She has two decades of experience helping companies that range from small start-ups to multi-national corporations deliver competitive and cost-effective solutions and services to consumers. Her work often involves introductions of visible and disruptive products or services.   Successful introductions require skilled change management roadmaps and communications strategies and tactics that enable transformations within organizations as well as with consumers.  She also helps clients understand and navigate the Smart Grid ecosystem of emerging technologies and markets.

Christine is a frequent presenter on Smart Grid topics and writes a weekly, syndicated blog about the challenges and opportunities that Smart Grid solutions bring to the evolving electricity supply chain and their impacts.  She serves as an advisor to several Smart Grid startups and is the first Smart Grid Executive in Residence at a premier technology incubator in Silicon Valley.  She is on the Editorial Advisory Boards of and the Energy Collective.  She is also active in the NIST Cyber Security Working Group Data Privacy subgroup.



Bill Maikranz

Bill Maikranz



Bill Maikranz is a consultant who has invested over 20 years in helping companies design, deploy, and manage cost-effective and consumer-focused contact center technologies and services.  These include voice carrier networks, telephone systems that manage calls and the data systems, and full-service and self-service applications.  He has conducted extensive analyses of technologies to engineer optimized voice and data networks; assessed the pros and cons of acquisition versus outsourcing or SaaS for applications and services; recommended and deployed appropriate contact center applications based on customer needs; and mapped data interactions between front and back office applications to ensure maximized value of computer-telephone integrations.

His customers range from large multi-national consumer products companies to small to large utilities and services organizations.  As the Consulting Director of the Smart Grid Library, Bill helps clients avoid bleeding edge technologies in favor of leading edge solutions that actually work.



Chris Kotting


With 25+ years of experience as a regulator and technologist, Chris Kotting brings a wealth of knowledge of the influences of public policy on the pace and direction of technology and service innovations in the Smart Grid.

As a regulator with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, he worked in both infrastructure and policy areas in Gas, Electric, Water, Sewer and Telecommunications sectors.  This work included the development of competitive retail markets for both electricity and natural gas, the development of some of the first collaborative processes for setting utility rates, and arbitration proceedings that opened advanced 911 services to competition in the state.

As a technologist, he has been involved in various software development projects as project manger, technical writer, and developer.  Leveraging his understanding of utility infrastructure and technology together, he led the Critical Infrastructure Protection team at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio; was one of the authors of the NIST Interagency Report 7628 on Smart Grid; Co-Chaired the Cybersecurity Working Group of the NERC Smart Grid Task Force; and serves as a Board member and/or advisor to a number of standards-development bodies.



Clint Cooper



Clint Cooper is Managing Director of our affiliate company, Teocalli Partners. Clint has 20 years of executive management, strategic planning, engineering, operations and large network deployment experience in international wireless telecommunications companies. As Partner and CTO at eBiscom, he built Europe’s first broadband IP telephone company, delivering triple play via fiber to the home.  Prior to that, Clint spent 11 years with AirTouch/Vodafone where he delivered some of the first CDMA, GSM and 3G networks worldwide. As Managing Director at Vodafone, Clint had technical responsibility for sixteen operating companies. Prior to this Clint was CTO of Vodafone Italy, where he directed the design and implementation of the 2nd GSM network across Italy.  Prior to that, at AirTouch HQ in San Francisco, Clint was Executive Director, AirTouch International Engineering and Operations.



To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us or email us at: