Consumer Focus Strategy

The Smart Grid Consumer Focus Strategy: Transforming Utility Operations to Build Consumer Value

Smart Grid initiatives from electric, gas, and water utilities will introduce new solutions and programs that impact residential, commercial, and/or industrial consumer segments. The evolving regulatory ecosystems and sustainability systems thinking also present new influences on the lifetime value of consumers.You need a strategy for successful and cost-effective rollouts of new solutions and programs to consumers and at the same time, transform your utility into an organization that is the “trusted advisor” to consumers to maintain and increase their lifetime value to your utility.  This information-packed eBook will give you practical advice about building your own Consumer Focus Strategy to create consumer-centric organizations and sustainable lifetime value of consumers.




You’ll learn:

•  How to apply the most important steps in our Consumer Focus Roadmap
•  9 ideas for consumer outreach using social media channels
•  2 policy recommendations for email, web chat, and text
•  Common “gotchas” in the use of social media
•  Why risk communications is an essential part of your overall communications plan
•  The most important technologies needed for your Consumer Focus Model
•  12 critical questions about budget planning
•  Common characteristics of successful consumer-centric initiatives

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“A great read for anyone working on delivering customer value from the smart grid. Christine and Bill have captured the complexity of putting all the pieces together in an easy to read format that’s sure to cause some thought for even the most experienced leadership.”

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