The Smart Grid Dictionary — 6th Edition

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Smart Grid Dictionary 6th Edition


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Enhance your Smart Grid knowledge with definitions for almost 2400 terms common to electric, gas, and water utilities, global standards organizations and regulatory agencies, and businesses focused on the Smart Grid and machine to machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT). Get the industry-approved definitions for:

  • electricity generation, transmission, distribution, and storage
  • water infrastructure operations and management
  • natural gas distribution operations
  • home and building energy management and energy efficiency
  • electric vehicles and charging stations
  • telecommunications networks and sensors
  • cybersecurity and data privacy
  • standards and more

The Smart Grid Dictionary lists website addresses for listed organizations for convenient access to additional, in-depth information.

Pages: 466  eBook ISBN: 978-0-9898893-2-2 Price: $29.95

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“The Smart Grid Dictionary, 4th Edition, is stunningly comprehensive. It is indeed a smart grid dictionary, but its 407 pages offer so much more than that. It might well be called The Electric Utility Dictionary …”

Robert Marritz Editor, ElectricityPolicy.com – November 2012

“The Smart Grid Dictionary is one of the most comprehensive information resources that exists on that broad topic we call the Smart Grid. It’s an excellent dictionary!”

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