Smart Grid Dictionary

Smart Grid Dictionary 6th Edition“One of the greatest assets that the Smart Grid transformation could have at this critical time is the “Smart Grid Dictionary”. Having clear and comprehensive definitions of the essential terminology will bring much needed clarity and precision to this often confused and abused, but profoundly important, national initiative.” Kurt Yeager Executive Director, The Galvin Electricity Initiative

“The Smart Grid Dictionary is one of the most comprehensive information resources that exists on that broad topic we call the Smart Grid. It’s an excellent Dictionary!” Michael E. Ebert Principal Research Associate, George Mason University

“Coming from server and microprocessor chip design backgrounds, I never heard of terms like AMI and Demand Response. Smart Grid Dictionary has been a one-stop shop for me to get crucial help when climbing up the steep Smart Grid learning curve. I’ll be one of the loyal readers of the Smart Grid Dictionary for the foreseeable future. It suffices to say that the Smart Grid Dictionary has become one of the most important resources I could not live without. Thank you very much for making such a valuable resource available.” Michael Hsieh University of California-Berkeley Extension Instructor and Smart Grid Enthusiast

“Every business needs a dictionary to accurately define important terms and decipher acronyms, and the Smart Grid business sector finally has one.” Denis Du Bois Editor, Energy Priorities Magazine – June 2009

“This will become the “go-to” for definitions as well as other vital information about smart-grid stakeholders.” Don Dickson Director of Special Projects in the Texas Center for Applied Technology, Texas A&M University

“I looked over the Smart Grid Dictionary and I thought it was simply brilliant! I looked up 25 things I thought should be in there and they were all there with very succinct and clear definitions.” Rachelle Chong Former Federal Communications Commissioner and California Public Utilities Commissioner

“Christine Hertzog has absolutely succeeded in compiling a comprehensive and well-organized collection of definitions for technical terms, organizations, and standards that are easy-to-find and easy-to-understand.” Carol McClelland, PhD Founder and Executive Director of Green Career Central ( and author of Green Careers for Dummies

“The Smart Grid Dictionary is a welcome life raft for those fighting to stay afloat in a sea of new energy industry acronyms, jargon and technology developments. It simplifies our daily work and helps us prepare to win new business opportunities.” Josh Seidenfeld Bois Antenna Group