Welcome to the Smart Grid Library!  I’ve been an enthusiastic supporter of the concepts of the Smart Grid for quite some time.  What’s not to like?  Better energy sources, improved energy efficiencies, and new technologies that help everyone from power producers to consumers make intelligent decisions about energy use.

However, it was clear that there were some gaps in the information chain to build and maintain knowledge about the Smart Grid.  For instance, there was no dictionary dedicated to Smart Grid terminology.  There’s an abundance of acronyms in the Smart Grid sector, but no centralized source to decipher them – until now.

This Library delivers information to help you understand the Smart Grid, including the first reference ebook focused on the Smart Grid, titled the Smart Grid Dictionary. Whether you are a utility industry veteran, a new hire in a start-up, or interested in a new career in the Smart Grid sector – our information tools deliver invaluable information and increase your knowledge of the Smart Grid.

There are many definitions for the Smart Grid, but here’s the one that you’ll find in the Smart Grid Dictionary:

A bi-directional electric and communication network that improves the reliability, security, and efficiency of the electric system for smallto large-scale generation, transmission, distribution, and storage.  It includes software and hardware applications for dynamic, integrated, and interoperable optimization of electric systems operations, maintenance, and planning; distributed generation interconnection and integration; and feedback and controls at the consumer level.  The Department of Energy (DOE) identifies 7 characteristics of a Smart Grid:

  1. Enables active participation by consumers
  2. Handles all generation and storage possibilities
  3. Handles new products, services, and market models
  4. Delivers power quality
  5. Operates efficiently and optimizes assets
  6. Self heals in the course of any system disruptions
  7. Functions with resilience in natural and man-made disasters

The Smart Grid Library also contains a handy list that you can easily search to decipher Smart Grid acronyms.  Check it out today!